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Deciding to have a home addition is a big step and investment. Our home addition contractors Chicago team can help you and work with you to understand your project goals and create creative solutions within your home’s existing framework.

Jack’s Home Additions is Chicago’s home addition company that is licensed and bonded. We specialize in high-end designs, our project involves garage addition, room addition, second story addition Chicago, garage addition to the existing garage, and more aesthetic additionals.

We only use the most economical and quality materials for your new addition. We pride ourselves on craftsmanship, excellent communication, and professionalism by providing precision results and helping you with our unique designs.

If you have an idea or a particular style that you want to achieve for a home addition, we are here to assist you and provide tailor-made additions. We also build custom homes, which combine design, planning, and construction from start to finish focusing on our company values.

We are a BBB Accredited Business. Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured.

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Why Choose Jack's Home Additions Chicago

Great Second Story Addition Chicago & Garage Addition Chicago Experience

Jack’s Home Additions Chicago consists of certified and professional contractors. We love what we do, and we strive for happy and satisfied customers. Our company has many years of experience making home additions. Whether you need garage additions, room additions, second story addition Chicago, or additions over the garage, you can rest assured that you’ll benefit from our extensive experience, and we can complete your project on time and budget.

  • Friendly Customer Service
  • Professional Home Addition Contractors
  • Custom Additions Suited to Your Needs
  • Years of Experience in Chicago & Surrounding Suburbs
  • Top Quality Tools and Materials Used for Home Additions Chicago
  • We Keep Our Workplace Clean
  • Projects Always Finished on Time




Jack's Home Additions Chicago Gallery

One of the best home improvements to add value, meet your space and needs to your home is home addition. Jack's Home Additions Chicago can help you untapped your home's potential by having custom space designed precisely according to your style and needs. From garage addition to room addition and more, the possibilities are endless. You may even want to have second-floor addition or garage addition to existing garage Chicago done. Check out our gallery to get an idea and see some of the many home additions we've completed in Chicago. When you’re ready, call us to get started on your project!



The Advantages of a Home Addition Chicago

Are you running out of space in your house? It might be time to think about adding some more. Instead of spending stressful nights after work looking for a new home with more space, try expanding your current home. If you are already at ease in your house and simply need extra space to breathe, an addition is ideal for you. Our designers will collaborate with you to ensure that your home addition includes all you require.


Let us begin with the most obvious advantage of a new home addition Chicago! Most people have a room in their home that they wish had more space, from the kitchen to the bedroom. An addition accomplishes this by allowing your entire family to fit into your kitchen or by adding another play place for your children. The possibilities are limitless!

Alternative to Relocating

One of the most common reasons people relocate is because their family has grown and their existing home can no longer accommodate everyone. Finding a new school district for your children might be difficult and time-consuming, but with a home addition, you won't have to. You get to stay in your familiar and warm surroundings while adding more space. It's a win-win situation for everyone. Jack's Home Additions uses only the highest quality materials, ensuring that your investment for house additions Chicago are safe and long-lasting.

Additional Family Member

A home addition might also provide additional space if you need to accommodate more family members. Whether you're expecting a new child or transferring an older relative into your house, a home addition provides everyone with ample space and privacy to live happily ever after. Instead of sleeping on the living room couch, your visiting friends will love the new spacious space.


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At Jack’s Home Additions we are all set to answer any questions you may have regarding your house addition project.
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From a simple garage addition to a complete second story addition Chicago, Jack’s Home Additions have your back. Don’t lose your mind with messy and incomplete quotes, count on us to give you a clear, organized quote with all the details of your project.

Specify the Details

We will design a solid plan that involves all the features you want in your new home additions. Our team of home addition contractors based in Chicago will work closely with you to ensure the project evolves the way you had it planned.

Enjoy Your Home Addition

We will deliver a unique work that will merge with the style of your place as though it were an original design. When our job is done, you will be able to enjoy any room additions with all the benefits that they will bring to your renewed place.

Professional Home Additions

To ensure that you are happy with your new living area to the fullest extent possible, our home addition contractors in Chicago will put out their best effort. We pay special attention to the nuances of your home so that the house addition blends in seamlessly with the rest of it.

We can also assist you in creating a home addition that enhances both the value of your property and your quality of life. A master bathroom, for instance, gives you seclusion from the rest of the family while increasing the market value of your house.


Most Frequently Asked Questions About Our Garage & Home Additions Chicago

Is a garage addition worth it?

When you think about the add-ons for your house, a new garage is one of the most beneficial possibilities. The return on investment is one of the best you’ll find with home improvements. Jack’s Home Additions is happy to help you make the process as easy as possible.

Are house additions good when it comes to price to size ratio?

Yes, Additions are definitely a better way to add space than other methods when you consider price and size. No other space-creating method matches the house addition in terms of financial value.

Can you add a garage to an existing garage?

Yes, you can indeed add a garage addition over your existing garage. In fact, it’s been growing in popularity in recent years. Garage additions can offer many benefits, including extra storage space or a place to park an additional vehicle.