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Jack’s Home Additions is the best bet Lemont area residents have when it comes to providing the best house additions services compared to the competition, as we have fully dedicated experts who will go out of their way to provide you with the most creative solutions for your home.

We provide a variety of services in terms of home additions, which include room additions, the creation of a second floor or a separate annex, garage addition, among others. Therefore, all of our employees have licenses and bondings to carry out these jobs without problems.

Our home addition contractors also try to use the highest quality materials and maintain a completely efficient work pacing to finish it in the times agreed with the client, always complying with the highest quality and safety standards.

Apart from this, if you are a client who wants to give a little more personalized touch to your existing spaces or your new home, you can make an appointment with us to carry out joint planning and in that way turn your ideas into an absolute reality. Contact us now!

Home Addition Lemont - The Advantages


It is quite common for homeowners to desire more space, whether in the kitchen or a bedroom. Home additions Lemont allow for enhanced space such as a larger kitchen that will allow your whole family to finally fit in the kitchen, or a new room as a dedicated play space for your children. There are endless possibilities!

Alternative to Relocating

A common reason for relocating is outgrowing an existing home. Relocating is a difficult process, the need to find a new school district can be a time-consuming process on its own. With a home addition, you will have no need for the inconvenience of moving. Additions allow you to be in your familiar space and neighborhood with new space to enjoy.

Additional Family Member

When expecting a new child, or perhaps taking care of elderly relatives, a home addition will give you the space needed to accommodate your expanding family. People are more frequently taking care of relatives or inviting guests to stay, so instead of having them sleep on the couch, consider a new space with room additions Lemont neighbors will envy!

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Why Choose Jack’s Home Additions Lemont For Your Second-Story House Addition Or Garage Addition

Jack's Home Additions has the best home addition contractors in the industry, who through their high professionalism and expertise, will be in charge of providing you and the rest of our Lemont clients with an excellent service in terms of house additions. Regardless of whether it is a garage addition or room addition (as well as complexity or costs), you will be more than satisfied with our work to the point of considering us for future work or recommending us to others. You can count on us for:

  • Professional contractors with high skill
  • Carry out personalized works according to what you need
  • Our years of experience in the industry
  • Have the latest technology tools and use materials with the highest quality
  • Always keep the workspace clean
  • Customer service focused on your peace of mind
  • High rates of home additions projects completed on time


Hiring Our House Additions Lemont Contractors

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If you have any concerns about your house addition project, Jack’s Home Additions is here to help.
To speak with a specialist about your questions, give us a call right now or send us a message via our contact form.

Accept Our Estimate

Lemont Home Additions will help you with anything from a straightforward garage addition to a full second-story addition in Lemont. Don’t lose your mind over confusing and incomplete quotations; instead, rely on us to provide you with a detailed quote.

Describe the Particulars

We’ll create an effective strategy that incorporates all the amenities you desire in your new home improvements. The Lemont-based members of our team of house addition contractors will collaborate closely with you to make sure the project proceeds as you had intended.

Relish the Home Addition

We’ll provide a one-of-a-kind piece that blends with the aesthetic of your space like it was an original design. You will be able to profit from all the advantages your new home additions will bring to your renovated home once our work is complete.

The Benefits Of A Lemont Home Addition

Is there not enough room in your home anymore? It may be time to consider including more. Try extending your present house rather than spending stressful evenings after work hunting for a new one with greater room. An extension is perfect for you if you already feel comfortable in your home and just need a little more room. Our designers will work with you to make sure your home addition has everything you need.


Let's start with the most evident benefit of a new Lemont house addition! From the kitchen to the bedroom, most homeowners have an area they wish was larger. This is achieved by an expansion by adding a second play area for your kids or by expanding your kitchen to accommodate your full family. There are many options!

An Alternative To Moving

One of the most frequent causes for relocation is when a family expands beyond the confines of an existing house. With a house addition, you won't need to spend the time or effort on locating a new school district for your kids. While adding an extra room addition, you get to remain in your comfortable and familiar surroundings. Everyone benefits, thus it's a win-win scenario. Your investment in Lemont home additions will be secure and long-lasting since Jack's Home Additions is always using the best materials.

Extra Family Member

If you need extra room for your family, a house addition could be able to accommodate you. A home addition gives everyone enough room and privacy to live happily ever after, whether you're expecting a new kid or moving an elderly family member into your home. Your guests will like the new big area instead of staying on the sofa in the living room.